Cable-Knit Purse with Bamboo handles PATTERN

This beautiful cable knit purse has bamboo handles, satin lining, and a magnetic clasp. This is a super-fast knitting project. The pattern includes instructions for adding the lining, clasp, handles, and ribbon. This pattern is on sale for $5.00. Check out my Etsy shop!┬áThis purse measures 10″ wide by 13″ tall.


2 Cable knit Neck Warmer- Pattern

This beautiful neckwarmer is knit in two sizes Youth and Adult on US size 10.5 needles. It’s a beautiful cowl and knits up super-fast! Check out my Etsy store for the pattern.

Fireman Joe is finished! Plus brainstorming or madness?…

I just love this guy! He is super cute and has several layers. I created a pattern for him and will have it available for you soon! Here are his pictures:

Here is Fireman Joe without his hat.

Fireman Joe is ready to fight a fire!

T-shirt and suspenders!

It never seems to fail, when I am working on one idea, I get a million others. This is why I carry a notepad with me everywhere I go. Sometimes the ideas come to me in detail and I have to draw a picture, sometimes 10 ideas come to me at once and I can only make a list. I must look like a crazy lady with my notebook full of drawings and lists- obscure shorthand notes with “K…P…YO” written in the corner, or arrows pointing to a thumbnail drawing and a note saying, “garter st.” ┬áNotes with codes only I could decipher- insanity in little spurts! lol

The funny part is, sometimes the ideas come so fast, I have spelling errors! lol At least I can laugh at myself! Although…an island made of cake…that would be cool

Tell me I am not the only one struck with little spurts of madness! lol

How to Make the Stockinette Stitch

How to Make a Purl Stitch

This is just a helpful video for a very new knitter! How to make a Purl Stitch. Enjoy!