Ruby- Free Knitting Pattern

Meet Ruby! She measures 14 1/2″ long X 11″ wide. Her body and diaper are knit, but her dress, shoes and bow are crochet. This doll is a bit more complicated than the other patterns I’ve offered here.
Use any colors you wish for the body, hair, diaper and dress. I will list what I used:
  • Body: I used Spud and Chloe yarn in Toast for the body Color 7506, Dye lot #0836. Gauge Weight 100 grams. Gauge 4-5 sts per inch
  • Shoes and Dress Staccato sock yarn in green. Color #103 Dye Lot # 0677. Gauge 30 sts = 4″
  • Dress: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in pink. Color #62178 Dye lot # 001. Gauge 5 sts = 1″
  • Hair: Imperial Yarn- Columbia, 2Ply Mulespun. Color 28 Spiced Poppy. Dye lot # 111. Weight 4 oz, Gauge 18 sts/24 rows
  • Diaper: Peaches and Creme yarn in white color #01005.

4 Size 5 DPNs.

2 size 8 needles.

Tapestry needle for weaving

measuring tape

two buttons for the eyes

Black embroidery yarn for the mouth


Knit bottom up.

CO 9 sts. Move sts evenly over 3 needles. Join in the round:

  • K
  • KFB in all sts-
  • K
  • KFB in all sts.
  • K
  • KFB in all sts-
  • K evenly until body measures 3 1/2″ from CO edge.
  • K to last 2 sts on the needle K2tog. Repeat for the last two sts.
  • Repeat until there are 20 sts on each needle
  • K until the body measures 6″
  • K to last 4 sts. K4tog. Repeat for the last two needles.
  • K to last two sts, K2tog. Repeat for following 2 needles
  • Repeat last step until there are 10 sts. on each needle.
  • K 3 rounds
  • K to last st, KFB in last st.
  • Repeat until there are 14 sts on each needle
  • Begin stuffing body.
  • K 3 rounds
  • K to last st on the needle, KFB. Repeat for following two needles.
  • K
  • Repeat last two steps until there are 18 sts on each needle.
  • K 8 rounds
  • K to last 2 sts. K2tog. Repeat until there are 3 sts on each needle
  • close


  • Pick up 7 sts in a triangular pattern. Refer to photo for pattern.
  • K even for 4″
  • KFB in first and last 3 sts.
  • K 2 rounds
  • KFB in last st on each needle
  • Move 7 sts from the last needle to the first needle, and move 7 sts from last needle to the second needle. (Note: the needle points should be pointing to the front and back of head) You will be working back and for on two needles from now on.
  • K to last st, KFB. On second needle KFB and k to the end. (KFB should be near the toes, not the heal).
  • K
  • Repeat last two steps until there are 24 sts on each needle.
  • Stuff foot lightly and close with the Kitchener stitch.


This is for the left arm. When you get to the hand, do the For the right arm, do the opposite. If it says, first st- follow the same instructions, but for the last st.

  • In a triangular pattern, pick up 7 sts on each needle.
  • K for 3″
  • KFB on first st on first needle, and last stitch on second needle.
  • Move 4 sts from 2nd needle to 1st needle, and the remaining 4sts from 2nd needle to the 3rd needle. Note. When you hold the arm out you want the needles to be horizontal. You will be working back and forth on two needles now.
  • KFB on 1st and last of each needle.
  • Repeat
  • K 2 rounds
  • K to last 2 sts on first needle, K2tog. Second needle K2tog, k to the end.
  • repeat
  • K
  • K2tog , k to last 2 sts k2tog on first needle. Second needle repeat.
  • K2tog, k to end of the needle. K to last 2 sts, K2tog.
  • repeat
  • K
  • stuff arm and hand (lightly)
  • close with kitchener stitch.


Use size 8 needles

  • CO 18 sts
  • Work three rounds of K
  • P
  • K2tog, k to last 2 sts K2tog
  • p
  • repeat last 2 sts until there are 6 sts on your needle.
  • p
  • k
  • p
  • KFB in 1st st. K to last st KFB
  • p
  • repeat until there are 16 sts on the needle
  • p
  • KFB in 1st 2 sts. K to last 2 sts. KFB in last 2 sts.
  • P
  • Repeat last two steps
  • K 2 rounds
  • BO
  • Crochet around the edge of the diaper.
  • Attach to the body




Using a size E hook

  • Ch8 Skip the first st and DC into the top “bar” of each stitch to the end. At the last st DC 5 sts into that stitch. This will begin to form a “shell” shape. Continue around that and DC into the bottom “bar” of the same ch sts. Make 5 dc into the to and heal at each round.
  • Make 4 rounds of dc.
  • Round 5 follow same steps as above- but make Triple (AKA treble) crochet stitches into each st. Do not add extra sts in the toe and heal.
  • Beginning at 1 1/2″ from toe (on both sides) work sc stitch back and for 3 rounds. Cut yarn and close knot at the end. Use pink yarn to make a bow in the front of the shoe. Refer to photos.
  • Attach to foot.


using size I hook

Start with Green:

  • Ch 42
  • Join in the round and work a dc st in each st
  • When you reach the beginning of each round sl the first st and then follow the pattern as instructed. This is the case for each round from now on.
  • Work 5 rounds in green.
  • Change to pink Work 2 sts in Triple (AKA Treble) Crochet st and in the third stitch, work 2 tc sts in that st. Repeat to the end of the row.
  • Work 3 rounds of TC.
  • Break yarn. Close sl st and weave in ends.
  • At the top of the dress, pick up 3 sts and work SC sts back and forth until the strap measures 2 1/2″
  • With the dress on the doll, attach the strap to the back of the dress. Repeat for the other strap.
  • Using pink yarn, weave through the second row, on the front of the dress and tie a bow.
Using a size I hook
Ch 5 and join in the round with a sl st.
Make 5 TC into center of ring. On opposite side, make 5 TC into center of ring. At this point it should already look like a bow. Chain a long tail and warp it around the center of the bow. Leave a long tail so you can tie the bow around the pigtails of your doll.
Make 2


Pull hair into pigtails and tie with bows. Trim hair.


in the center of face, take up two stitches and wind the yarn around the two stitches. Sew on the button eyes. Using black yarn- make a simple mouth.


Cast on 5 stitches on a size 5 needle.

K turn

P turn


Sew onto the side of the head.



ipod Touch Sleeve

This is a very simple crochet pattern for a beginner. This is designed for a beginner to learn the single crochet stitch and seaming.




Measuring Tape

Size J crochet Hook


-ch 15
-sc in every st in every row until piece measures 4″ x 5″

(Refer to my video for making straight edges for this piece- How to Make a Straight Edge- Crochet)

-cut yarn leaving a long tail for weaving.

seam (refer to photos)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Weave in yarn ends.

Turn work right-side out.  You should not be able to see the seam!


Hooty: Mini Owl FREE PATTERN

This little guy can be made in 30 minutes. It’s perfect for a key chain, tiny hands, or even a cat toy! Enjoy!

Hooty the Mini Owl- Crochet

Refer to my videos if you need help with any of these crochet techniques.


SC- Single Crochet

sts- Stitches

MC- Magic Circle

SC2ststog- Single Crochet 2 stitches together


Yarn: any color you choose. I chose gold, baby blue and brown.


tapestry needle for weaving

two stitch markers

Crochet hook size I and E


size I hook.

magic circle

5 sc place st marker in first st on round
move st mrkr each round.
sc 2x in all 5 sts . 10 sts
-sc x2 in every other st. 15 sts
– sc in 3 st  -20 sts

Place second stitch marker at this round and keep it there for the next step.
-sc every st for 1′
– begin drcreasing by sc2sts tog every 3 (&4) sts (last st will be sc)
-sc in each st
-sc2sttog every other st (last st will be sc)
stuff lightly (see note at bottom)
hold flat sc front and back sts tog. refer to photos


After closing head, turn and ch 2, skip one st and sc into next st

sc into next 4 sts. turn

chn 2  skip one st and sc into next st.

Cut yarn and weave end into body


using blue and size E hook

make magic circle. 5 sc in mc

sc in each st around.

pull yarn tail until eye is shaped like a teardrop.

cut and sew onto face of owlet


ch 4

sc in each st

skip one sc in 2 sts

skip one sc in one st.

cut and sew on face

Fun Note- If you plan to use this as a cat toy, stuff the toy with Catnip! If you would like to make it a keychain, add a loop using leftover golden thread!