Diane Dragonfly


Cascade 220 Yarn in black for body, any desired color for wings

4 US size 5 double-pointed knitting needles.

Tapestry needle for weaving

Poly-fiber stuffing.


Measuring tape




4 1/2″ long and 4 1/24″ wide


CO- Cast on


K2tog- K 2 stitches together


CO 9 sts. join in round – 
k for 5″ -stuff, and add a pipe cleaner.
Cut yarn and weave into the stitches from the needle.
 Refer to photos for how to pick up sts.
 Pick up 8 sts on one needle. 
Directly under that needle, pick up 8 more sts. 
-k 5 rounds on both needles
-k2tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog on first needle. 
Repeat on second needle.
-k around on both needles until the wing measures 2″ 
-close with kitchener stitch. repeat on other side of dragonfly

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