Oscar Owl- Free Pattern!


knit owl


cascade 220 superwash sport (any color – I used Dark Blue 854 lot# 4133), Fresco in baby blue 5304 lot# 0275, Simplicity in Electric Blue 011 lot#02, Encore worsted in gold.

4 size 5 dpns

Size H hook

measuring tape


tapestry yarn for weaving

Begin from bottom up:

-co 9 sts. Join in the round


-kfb in all sts


-kfb in all sts


-k to last 2 sts, kfb in 2 sts


-k to last 2 sts, kfb in 2 sts


-k to last 2 sts, kfb in 2 sts


-k to last 2 sts, kfb in 2 sts

-k until body measures 1 1/2″ from cast-on edge

-On first needle k5 (change to electric blue) k7 (change back to dark blue) , k remaining sts. Next 2 needles, k to end.

-On first needle k1, (change to electric blue), k to last st, (change to dark blue) k1. On remaining 2 needles, k to end of row.

-Repeat last steps until body measures 3″ from cast on edge.

-On first needle k5 in dark blue (change to electric blue) k7, (change to dark blue) k remaining sts. On remaining two needles, k to end of row.

-K (in dark blue) to last 2 sts at the end of first needle. k2tog. Repeat for remaining two needles.

-Repeat until there are 8 sts on each needle.

-Move 4 sts from 2nd needle onto 1st needle and 4sts from second needle onto 3rd needle.

From now on you will be working back and forth on two needles
-kfb in first 2 sts. k to last 2 sts on first needle, kfb in those 2 sts. Repeat for 2nd needle


– Repeat last two steps until there are 20 sts on each needle.

k even until the head measures 2″.

stuff lightly and close with kitchener st.


with light blue, fold 8″ of yarn over five times.

using a crochet hook, insert hook through the corner of the owl’s head. Grab the yarn in the middle and pull through hole. Pull a large loop big enough to pull ends of yarn through. Pull yarn tight to form a sort of knot. Trim to about 1″.


with a size j hook using light blue yarn make a magic circle. Make 12 dc in the mc. break yarn. attach to face.

using any color button you choose- sew the buttons to the center of the eyes.


with gold yarn and 2 size 5 knitting needles

co 6

k turn

p turn

k2tog, k 2, k2tog turn

p turn

k2tog twice turn

p turn



attach to front of face.


The wings are made with the crocodile stitch. I will be adding an instructional video for the crocodile stitch to my youtube channel soon.

with electric blue and size H hook. ch 5. Make a slst in the first st on the foundation ch wich will join your ch into a circle. Ch 3 and work 5 dc into the center of the ring. Ch 1 and work 5 dc into the center again. Move all 10 dc sts as close together as possible, ch 3. Dc into the 2 loops below the ch. thid will turn your work to the side. Ch 1 and dc into center ring. Ch1 work a double crochet into the side of the FIRST dc ch you made in the first “shell” work another dc into the same st. Turn your work around and work 5 dc sts around the edge st. ch1 turn your work so the dc sts you just made are facing away from you. Work 5 dc around the next dc st “bar.” Slst into the top of the middle dc st. Then make 5 dc around the “bar ” of the next dc. Ch1 Spin work and work 5 dc around the last bar. Cut yarn and pull end through the last ch on your hook. attach the wing to the side of the body.


Crochet bow-tie

Chain 5.

join the chain to the first chain with a slip stitch. (this will form a ring)

Ch 4

Work 5 Triple (AKA Treble) crochet into the center of the ring.

ch 4

slip stitch into the center of the ring

Move all the Triple crochet stitches to one side of the bow.

On the other side of the ring, make 5 Triple crochet into the ring.

Ch 4 and slip stitch into the center of the ring.

Cut about 12 inches of yarn and close the loop.

Wrap your length of yarn neatly around the center of the bow.

Tie neatly in the back so you cannot see it from the front.

Attach the bow to the owl!


Kindle Fire Case- Free Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial for sewing a case for your Kindle Fire. These make great gifts, they are simple to make, and they can be made for under $8! In fact, for the $10 I spent on one yard of material, Velcro, felt and thread- I could make 5 of these cases!



Fabric (I bought one yard each of coordinating fabric, but you can make about 5 of these cases with that much fabric!)



measuring tape


fabric pen

rotary cutter or scissors 


cutting pad

straight edge

sewing machine

and it helps to have your Kindle Fire handy to be sure your case is the correct size


Cut two pieces of fabric (I used two coordinating fabrics just to add some flare to the case) 21″ X 6 1/2″ 

Cut one piece of felt 8″ X 612″ 

Note: In the photo you will see another piece of fabric the same size as the felt. That piece is not necessary. 


Be sure to follow the step above with the right sides of your fabric face each other.

After you have cut the corners, sew along the edge leaving about 3″ open on the side so you can turn the fabric right-side out.


After turning the fabric right-side out, press with an iron and sew around the edges. This will close the hole and make a neat looking edge.


Add the velcro to the case as shown in the illustration above.

Fuse the felt to the bottom of the piece of fabric. Be sure to put it on the side you want to be the inside of the case! Then fold the fabric so that the felt piece is on top and there is an overlap of fabric on top. Tip: The bottom of the felt piece will be the folding point. 

Sew the sides, NOT the top or bottom. 

Then turn the pocket right-side out.

This is what you should have!

Train/Car Roll-up Play Mat- Free Tutorial

This is an excellent little play mat for the car, for the grocery store cart, or for entertainment while sitting in a waiting room. Your little car/train fan will enjoy playing with this! It takes about an hour to make and makes a great gift!





 Fabric of your choice

measuring tape

cutting mat

rotary cutter

fabric pen

two pieces of ribbon 24″ each.



 sewing machine

Begin by cutting two pieces of fabric 17 1/2″ x 20″ and one piece of coordinating fabric 19″ x 6″

Take the 19″ x 6″ fabric  make a 1/2″ hem by folding the top down, press and sew.

Now take the 19″ x 6″ piece and lay it on one of the other pieces of fabric at the bottom.  Fold the extra length over the edge of the bigger piece and press. Pin if necessary. Sew around the edge.

Measure out the pockets. Make them different sizes if you’d like so that bigger cars/trains or even pieces of track will fit in the pockets. Sew a straight line from the bottom to the top of the bottom piece being sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of the line. This will help to keep the pockets from coming apart.

Now place the two large pieces of fabric right-side facing together. Pin around the end. Place the ribbon between the two pieces at the top with the long part of the ribbon pieces inside the “sandwich” of the fabric, leaving about 2″ of the ribbon pieces outside for sewing. Pin the pieces together and sew. NOTE:  leave about 3″ of the piece open so you can pull the right side of the work out later. When sewing over the ribbon section, remember to backstitch several times over the ribbon to make it more secure.

Reach through the hole and pull the right side of the fabric out.

Press and sew around the entire edge of the mat. This will close the hole and leave a nice finished edge. That’s it!


Easy Draw-string bag with flat bottom- FREE Tutorial

This is a very simple tutorial for a draw-string bag. This bag is good for holding toys, toiletries for traveling, craft materials, or even school supplies that like to get lost in your child’s backpack! These make great, inexpensive gifts! In fact, you can use bandannas which are only a dollar a piece!  It’s great for beginners to practice sewing. The bag can be made in less than an hour.


Scissors or rotary cutter

Measuring Tape

Fabric pen

Fabric (two pieces of bandannas work excellent!)

rope or ribbon (the ribbon I used was a little too wide, if you choose ribbon, go with something a little thinner)


sewing machine


Begin by cutting your fabric. You will need two pieces that measure 12″ x 16″.

Place the fabric face down. Turn the seam on the short side of the fabric 1/2″ toward the wrong-side of the fabric and press. This will be the top of your bag.

Repeat that step again so you will have a neat hem at the top of your bag.

Do this for both pieces.

Press the pieces with an iron.

Pin the seam (if necessary) and sew along the bottom edge of the hem. Do this for both pieces of fabric.

Place both pieces right-side facing each other.

At both edges, measure 2″ from the edge of the bag and mark it with your fabric pen. This will be the section you will add the draw-string for the bag.

Pin the bag together at the edges starting where you marked 2″ from the top and sew (leaving a 1/2″ to a 1″ seam along the edge) I made this bag with a wider seam because the bag is for my son who wants to put his heavy trains and cars in the bag. I will add a zig-zag seam behind my straight seam because I do not have a serger! This will make the seam more sturdy!

Once you have finished sewing the edges of the bag, you will begin on the tube for the draw-string. Turn the top edge of the bag over 1″ so that it meets the 2″ mark you made earlier. Press with an iron and pin if necessary

Then you will sew along the bottom edge, forming a tube. This is where you will insert the draw-sting or ribbon. Note: When getting to the two edges where the fabric meets, fold the seam over to one side so that it doesn’t bunch. Do this for both sides.

With the bag still inside-out, measure 2 1/2″ from bottom corner of bag and mark a dot with your fabric pen. Turn the bag over and mark the opposite side the same way.

Then pinch the dots with your fingers and pull the corners apart. Press flat with an iron.  Then sew a straight line from one dot to the next, folding the seam to one side. Note, be sure to fold the seam in the same direction for the other corner.

Once you have sewn the corner flat, cut the excess leaving a 1/2″ seam. Press with an iron.

This is how the corner will look when right-side out.

Cut two pieces of ribbon 36″ long

Pin a safety pin to the end of  one piece of ribbon and feed it through the tube of the bag so that both ends stick out of one side of the bag. Do the same thing with the second ribbon, so that the ends of the ribbon are on the other side of the bag.

Tie the ribbon in a double-knot at the end.

Burn ends of the ribbon so they do not frey.

Turn bag right-side out, and you are done! Enjoy!

ipod Touch Sleeve

This is a very simple crochet pattern for a beginner. This is designed for a beginner to learn the single crochet stitch and seaming.




Measuring Tape

Size J crochet Hook


-ch 15
-sc in every st in every row until piece measures 4″ x 5″

(Refer to my video for making straight edges for this piece- How to Make a Straight Edge- Crochet)

-cut yarn leaving a long tail for weaving.

seam (refer to photos)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Weave in yarn ends.

Turn work right-side out.  You should not be able to see the seam!


How to make a straight edge in crochet

Hooty: Mini Owl FREE PATTERN

This little guy can be made in 30 minutes. It’s perfect for a key chain, tiny hands, or even a cat toy! Enjoy!

Hooty the Mini Owl- Crochet

Refer to my videos if you need help with any of these crochet techniques.


SC- Single Crochet

sts- Stitches

MC- Magic Circle

SC2ststog- Single Crochet 2 stitches together


Yarn: any color you choose. I chose gold, baby blue and brown.


tapestry needle for weaving

two stitch markers

Crochet hook size I and E


size I hook.

magic circle

5 sc place st marker in first st on round
move st mrkr each round.
sc 2x in all 5 sts . 10 sts
-sc x2 in every other st. 15 sts
– sc in 3 st  -20 sts

Place second stitch marker at this round and keep it there for the next step.
-sc every st for 1′
– begin drcreasing by sc2sts tog every 3 (&4) sts (last st will be sc)
-sc in each st
-sc2sttog every other st (last st will be sc)
stuff lightly (see note at bottom)
hold flat sc front and back sts tog. refer to photos


After closing head, turn and ch 2, skip one st and sc into next st

sc into next 4 sts. turn

chn 2  skip one st and sc into next st.

Cut yarn and weave end into body


using blue and size E hook

make magic circle. 5 sc in mc

sc in each st around.

pull yarn tail until eye is shaped like a teardrop.

cut and sew onto face of owlet


ch 4

sc in each st

skip one sc in 2 sts

skip one sc in one st.

cut and sew on face

Fun Note- If you plan to use this as a cat toy, stuff the toy with Catnip! If you would like to make it a keychain, add a loop using leftover golden thread!

Fireman Joe is finished! Plus brainstorming or madness?…

I just love this guy! He is super cute and has several layers. I created a pattern for him and will have it available for you soon! Here are his pictures:

Here is Fireman Joe without his hat.

Fireman Joe is ready to fight a fire!

T-shirt and suspenders!

It never seems to fail, when I am working on one idea, I get a million others. This is why I carry a notepad with me everywhere I go. Sometimes the ideas come to me in detail and I have to draw a picture, sometimes 10 ideas come to me at once and I can only make a list. I must look like a crazy lady with my notebook full of drawings and lists- obscure shorthand notes with “K…P…YO” written in the corner, or arrows pointing to a thumbnail drawing and a note saying, “garter st.”  Notes with codes only I could decipher- insanity in little spurts! lol

The funny part is, sometimes the ideas come so fast, I have spelling errors! lol At least I can laugh at myself! Although…an island made of cake…that would be cool

Tell me I am not the only one struck with little spurts of madness! lol

Diane Dragonfly


Cascade 220 Yarn in black for body, any desired color for wings

4 US size 5 double-pointed knitting needles.

Tapestry needle for weaving

Poly-fiber stuffing.


Measuring tape




4 1/2″ long and 4 1/24″ wide


CO- Cast on


K2tog- K 2 stitches together


CO 9 sts. join in round – 
k for 5″ -stuff, and add a pipe cleaner.
Cut yarn and weave into the stitches from the needle.
 Refer to photos for how to pick up sts.
 Pick up 8 sts on one needle. 
Directly under that needle, pick up 8 more sts. 
-k 5 rounds on both needles
-k2tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog on first needle. 
Repeat on second needle.
-k around on both needles until the wing measures 2″ 
-close with kitchener stitch. repeat on other side of dragonfly

I am working on new patterns!

I haven’t been feeling well, but I am still working hard on getting new patterns (some are FREE) up here for everyone. I hope to get my Free Barbara Butterfly pattern up tomorrow. I am also working on getting my Etsy shop open so I can start selling Pretty Boy Peacock and Fireman Joe! I have an idea for an entire line of Rescue dolls. Firemen/women, Policemen/women, EMTs, Doctors, and more! Stay tuned! Until then, I’d like to share some pictures of Fireman Joe and Pretty Boy Peacock:


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